Artist Spotlight – Mike Jelinek


Mike Jelinek hails from from the Czech Republic, but has expanded his influence as a creative in the transportation industry well beyond his country borders.  He established a strong reputation in his professional career working full time for companies like Volkswagen and Autodesk and consulting for big names like Nike and Wacom.  Now, after paying his dues and always striving to perfect his craft, he makes a living as an independent artist taking jobs that fuel his passion for speculative concept design.  His solid foundation in the hard physical reality of the transportation industry combined with a driving thirst for knowledge in cutting edge technologies spawns a style that is both believable and futuristic at the same time.

It was inevitable that Mike would be an early adopter of virtual reality for creative design based on his fascination with all things tech.  He has been honing his virtual sketching skills with Tilt Brush and most recently with a BETA version of Gravity Sketch with his HTC Vive.  He has seen the role of virtual reality in the transportation industry grow to be commonplace in the areas of design evaluation, but feels the tools will soon evolve to allow designers to create in VR instead of as just a visualization artifact.

Since virtual reality design software is still in its nascent stages his workflow is still reliant on desktop tools like Autodesk Alias, Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop and Keyshot.  Still, he is amazed almost daily when experimenting with design in virtual reality and can already see a future where he ditches the controllers and crafts his ideas with his bare hands and voice.

Whether you believe yourself to be a seasoned veteran or a novice artist trying to improve your skills, you can’t go wrong following the work of this “form follows function” master.

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  1. Rick Valdez says:

    Would like to do this where and how do I get started .

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