Baseball If a playoff race comes down to the last game of the season, teams will have to find out who makes it in together. announced Friday that every game on the final day of the regular season will start at the same time. The goal is to potentially increase excitement, as playoff spots could be determined within minutes of each other. MORE: Kershaw hit in the face, stays in game | Rangers still chasing Hamels | Angels hit four triples in one inning"We're hopeful that the races will come down to the last day of the season. We want to make sure we celebrate the end of the season properly," said Tony Petitti, 's chief operating officer, via the Los Angeles Times.

The games will start at 3 p.m. Eastern time (noon Pacific, 2 p.m. Central)."If a game impacts another game, they're all occurring at the same time, so no team would be put into a lame-duck situation because their fate already had been decided by an earlier result," said Petitti, per the L.A. Times. "If we do have games coming down to the wire, we want to make sure we maximize that day."

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