Will Ferrell responds to John Madden's criticism of spring training marathon

John Madden was not happy to hear that Will Ferrell participated in a spring training stunt earlier this month, commenting that Ferrell had a "lack of respect for the game". Ferrell was a guest on Conan on Thursday night to promote his new movie, Get Hard, but also addressed the criticism in a way only Ferrell can.  MORE: Indians prank young SS | A-Rod to start at first | SN's manager rankingsThe star actor was fair to point out that Madden likely wasn't aware that Ferrell's marathon raised money for charity, but still had some fun with the rest of his comments.  "First of all, he’s right. Look at me. I’m all about lack of respect. I don’t think the interviewer told him it was all for charity, number one, but I do love that in his mind he just thought I was just like ‘Major League Baseball, I want to play in 10 different games for 10 different teams. I want to do it Thursday! Because I’m a big shot, and make it happen now!’ Like I’m Veruca Salt. So he’s like ‘this Will Ferrell thinks he can just insert himself into big league games.”Source: For The Win

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