Abelmosk how does delicious wife have cold and dressed with sauce much Qiu Kui has what disadvantage

Abelmosk is compare nourishing dish, the schoolboy eats this to have profit very much, but the wife cannot have much, so Qiu Kui how cold and dressed with sause is delicious, the wife has much Qiu Kui has what disadvantage.

Abelmosk how is cold and dressed with sause delicious?

1, preparative material prepares Qiu Kui 300 grams, garlic 5 grams, millet any of several hot spice plants 5 grams, salt, unripe smoke, oil of candy of oyster sauce, vinegar, Bai Sha, edible is right amount.

2, abelmosk scald water Qiu Kui abluent, cut away head, join a few salt in water next, qiu Kui is put after be being burned, scald water 1 minute, fish out. Jiang Zhen board and cutting tool are abluent, qiu Kui inclined knife is cut paragraph, OK also Qiu Kui from the sliver intermediate, install dish.

3, make flavor juice general garlic child with millet after any of several hot spice plants is abluent mincing, put into the bowl, join unripe smoke, oyster sauce, vinegar, w

hite saccharic mix is even. Use next burn hot oil, drench in flavor in juice, sweeter.

4, drench on flavor juice will flavor juice drenchs on the Qiu Kui after scald water, can carry desk. When eating again agitate one can.

The wife has much Qiu Kui has what disadvantage

The wife has much Qiu Kui, may appear the dyspeptic symptom such as vomiting, abdominal distension, bellyacke, diarrhoea. The composition such as cellulose and protein is contained a lot ofin abelmosk, eat too much digest a burden with respect to meeting accentuation, and abelmosk sex is cold, taste can add after edible cold cool degree, reduce digestible energy force. Eat too much Qiu Kui to very possible meeting is digested hard because of food and appear so circumstance of unwell of intestines and stomach.

What person is unfavorable eat Qiu Kui

1, abelmosk sex is cold, taste Xu Han, inappetence person the meeting is aggravating after edible inside intestines and stomach cold cool air, scathing taste this world is angry, aggravating symptom.

2, abelmosk sex is cold cool, the meeting after edible raises rate of alvine path slippery interest, and contain a lot ofin Qiu Kui pectic with prandial fiber, have aperient effect likewise, eating Qiu Kui to be able to accentuate in the crowd of diarrhoea symptom, still may injure gastric bowel wall, go against health.

Abelmosk surface is nigrescent can still eat

Outside abelmosk nigrescent cannot eat. Contain a lot ofin abelmosk protein and all sorts of saccharide, these composition are met after crust is injured slightly very fast be oxidized to deteriorate, of course fungus infection breed is inevitable also, cause fruit pod to become angry. Abelmosk face is nigrescent the specification had appeared to be oxidized, and the likelihood appears corrupt the evidence such as unripe bug, it is inedible for certain.

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