Balsam pear is thoroughlied cook it is good to had eaten or extract juice extract balsam pear juice to need to go seed

Balsam pear is a not quite welcome dish all the time, its flavour a lot of people are accepted hard, but but its nutrient value very tall, so is balsam pear make it dish it is better to eat or extract juice?

Balsam pear is thoroughlied cook it is good to had eaten or extract juice

OK, according to oneself need chooses can.

1, go up in mouthfeel: Straight deliver a child extracts balsam pear juice to be able to go to the lavatory a little some, need not remove boiler to firing thoroughly cook, but acrid may weigh some, and if thoroughlying cook, the high temperature that passes period of time is boiled make, the acrid meeting in the center is dropped by dilute one part, drink rise acrid without unripe balsam pear heavy.

2, go up in nutrient composition: The nutrient part such as rich vitamin C, carotene is contained in balsam pear, these nutrient composition are not high temperature resistant, after thoroughlying cook, meet somewhat prediction of a person's luck in a given year, because this extracts the word of juice edible directly, be helpful for helping airframe absorb digest among them nutrient composition, nutrient price watch is tall.

Extract balsam pear juice to need to go seed

Had better be better seed take out, otherwise mouthfeel may compare difference.

Because rich lignin, tannic acid, alkaloid is contained in balsam pear seed, tasting not only is agonized very, be digested not easily still by place of intestines and stomach, if extract,do not handle clean ahead of schedule when juice, the fruit juice that crush out comes to wil

l be very bitter, and mouthfeel is very bad, it is advisable that because this proposal extracts balsam pear,seed goes as far as possible when juice.

The practice of balsam pear juice

Feed capable person: Balsam pear, honey, lemon juice.


1, abluent stripping and slicing adds balsam pear water puts fruit juice machine to hit divide evenly

2, join honey to hit ~ again, filter broken bits, do not mind to also need not use strain.

3, add a few lemon juice again, cool and refreshing anneal. (Honey and lemon can depend on increase and decrease of individual be fond of)

It balsam pear and what extract juice together is good that balsam pear and what extract juice together

(1) apple

Balsam pear juice and malic collocation are very pretty good. Malic smell is sweet, have distinctive fruit sweet, and still contain very rich nutrition, also do not have afoul place with balsam pear juice, a collocation is drinkable the part that can counteract balsam pear already is acrid, still can remove a help to recuperate intestines and stomach, delay anile action.

(2) cucumber

Balsam pear juice still can match with cucumber. The flavour of cucumber cools, with balsam pear juice collocation can offset on a few flavour unwell, also can abound the nutrition of balsam pear juice at the same time. Additional, these two kinds feed capable person is the vegetable with lower quantity of heat, during reducing weight drinkable the effect that still can have to help thin body.

(3) honey

A lot of people cannot bear of balsam pear juice acrid, and what honey can solve balsam pear juice well is acrid. Honey is sweet be bored with is dainty, right amount honey is joined in balsam pear juice, what can improve balsam pear massiness immediately is acrid, so honey also is very appropriate match with balsam pear juice drinkable.

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