Birthday department can be hot eat again how does has refrigerated birthday department heat

Birthday department is day there is a representative kind to feed capable person very much in makings, the friends that like stuff taking day often should take, it is in rice be involved in differs feed capable person, because there is diversiform to choose above this flavour, so after can birthday department heat, eat again?

Birthday department can be hot eat again

Birthday department had better be not to heat.

The taste that otherwise possible meeting makes birthday manages produces change, but if intestines and stomach is colder cool, also can heat, but had better not exceed 10 article, there is a lot of inside birthday department is fresh feeding material, its mouthfeel and quality may be brought about to produce change instead after heating, possible still meeting brings about food metamorphism, manage like life of a few new raw slices of fish meat especially. After heating, possible meeting makes raw slices of fish meat degenerative, produce a few bacteria to bring about intestines and stomach to be harmed.

How does has refrigerated birthday department heat

Method one: Microwave oven heats, this is I consider as best method, because meet,preserve the appearance with birthday original department sell. Put birthday department to dish inside, general outside the packing case that sell is cannot high temperature heats, can release poisonous and harmful material. It is OK to heat up a dichotomy bell about, also need not too long.

Method 2: Electric rice cooker heats, electric rice cooker can have commonly send a steam box, put birthday department in dish in, put in steam box, turn on the water in boiler, it is OK to press the congee that boil perhaps cooks, wanted boiler to heat water only, conduct heat to manage to birthday possible. This kind heats time is longer, still having is the Shui Zizi that birthday department can be heated, lose the mouthfeel previously.

The practice that birthday manages

Material: Rice, eel, kelp, vinegar, candy, salt, rice wine, soy, flavour drenchs


1, rice is abluent, place 30 minutes, add water, rice wine, kelp to thoroughly cook, kelp is taken out before boiling, take the advantage of heat to mix right amount vinegar, candy, salt, quiet place is cooling.

2, eel analyse is become two half, the raze that use a knife is blood-red and mucous, the one side that has a skin is scattered on saline knead, wash with running water clean.

3, the water that adds in boiler and rice wine are boiled, eel is put after, boil about 5-6 puts candy, soy, flavour to drench after minute, boil 5 minutes again.

4, after waiting for its to cool slightly, be in eel tile dish in.

5, candy, rice wine, flavour is put to drench in pannikin, soy, boil to thick stiff.

6, bamboo shade upper berth lasts one layer film, eel is put among (the) below Pi Chao, make it of birthday department meal and eel with wet cloth the strong record of similar accident is put on eel.

7, roll into strong record, plastic, eliminate lasts film, measure 5 in the sauce besmear that has boiled is on eel, cut small again, OK.

The nutrient value that birthday manages

Japanese birthday department coils with laver or Hai Tai grain of rice and raw slices of fish meat, cucumber, dried meat floss, Jiao Cong is given priority to, deserve to go up mustard, horseradish, soy, vinegar. And what there is a kind to use make it of polished glutinous rice, yoke, crackling, earthnut, vegetable, ripe shelled fresh shrimps littoral in China is cylindrical the meal is round. Birthday department resembles rice same, it is a kind of food, contain protein, carbohydrate, adipose wait, can complement to human body energy, provide nutrient material, he more it is appropriative the food that provides energy. Birthday department can complement rich carbohydrate, can have the effect of stimulative metabolization, still can provide energy, it is the nutrient material that human body place wants.

Birthday manages food is the most healthy food, quantity of heat is extremely low, contain a lot ofagain all sorts of mineral reach fiber, the feature with the bigge

st laver is mineral, calcic content is rich, and third ammonia acid is mixed the pleasant ammonia acid amino acid content that has sugariness is much. The fish gives birth to the effect with contain many DNA and EPA very main to arriving since cerebral ministry! Birthday department can complement rich cellulose, can have the effect of stimulative metabolization, and the amino acid that place of OK also and compensatory human body needs, can have filling head the action of beneficial wisdom, especially a few deep-sea fish, it is the raw material that the good life that make manages.

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