Black chicken broth is OK and hollow drink black chicken broth is drunk in the morning or had drunk in the evening

Black chicken broth is a food that a lot of people like very much, nutrient value is very high, now and then eating still is first-rate to the body, so when drinking black chicken broth, when to drink commonly best?

Black c

hicken broth is OK and hollow drink

Had better not hollow drink.

Although black chicken broth contains rich nutrition, but what contain certain amount as much among them is adipose with cholesterol, if chicken broth of hollow edible black will be fatter, cause intestines and stomach easily unwell, general proposal is controlled 1 hour after edible breakfast again edible is better.

Black chicken broth is drunk in the morning or had drunk in the evening

It is better that the proposal is drunk in the morning.

Substantial nutrient part is contained in black chicken broth, very nourishing, and through one in the evening use up, human body needs compensatory and many nutrition in the morning, additional, in the morning it is human body is digested absorb when the function is best, in the morning edible black chicken broth is OK better absorption its nutrition composition. And digestive function of human body intestines and stomach is weaker in the evening, the black chicken broth with overmuch edible will be aggravating the burden of intestines and stomach, go against digest, also can cause certain effect to Morpheus, do not suggest to drink black chicken broth in the evening commonly so.

The practice of black chicken broth

Feed capable person: Yam chicken of 1 root, black 1, ham 5, pearl Xianggu mushroom 1 small, medlar 1 small, red jujube 8 bead, anise 2 bead, green 2 paragraphs, ginger 4, salt is right amount.


1, had allowed afore-mentioned feeding first material, need right amount, comparative cost cannot differ too much;

2, cut off end of the ungual needle of black chicken, chicken, strong only appearance and inside after chamber, the conflagration in be being put in cold water boiler is boiled, next fish out;

3, the half volume that prepares an arenaceous boiler to add water to arenaceous boiler additionally, boil to hydro-thermal, ; is put since the pearl Xianggu mushroom that the black chicken that crosses scald, ham, bubble has sent, medlar, red jujube, anise, green, Jiang Yi

4, low baking temperature changes to stew a half hour; after waiting for conflagration to be boiled

5, cut the yam of abluent flay chunk again, put into the; in boiler

6, etc stew half hour to come crisp right amount salt is added to flavor after rotting can.

The chicken broth that drink black has what contraindication

The edible of respecting black chicken broth is no-no, do not have a lot of, the contraindication that we need to notice it only is tie-in can. The no-no collocation of black chicken broth includes pork of shrimp of skin of crucian carp fish, skin, hare, that is to say, when drinking black chicken broth, we should notice escape these a few kinds of food can.

Additional, those who need ambitious shift is, black chicken broth had better be to be done now eat now, often eat those who take pass the night is bad to the body.

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