Can egg of which expensive sheep often eat ovine egg and ovine reins

Ovine egg someone had not taken somebody, won't usually a lot of people eat ovine egg, so ovine egg and ovine reins which expensive, can ovine egg often eat, look together below.

Ovine egg and ovine reins which expensive?

The price of ovine reins and ovine egg is similar, every jins price is in 50-100 yuan between, different area because the special local product, food, price that is used to equal difference different to may bring about both may be put in difference. The supermarket that the proposal reachs place or market inquiry, choose and buy. ?

Can ovine egg often eat

Proposal a week eats, eat 1-2. Ovine egg sex is lukewarm, have the effect of filling kidney Zhuang Yang, edible quantity is unfavorable and overmuch,

also cannot eat too often, had filled easily otherwise first, occurrence body is hot and dry, shed nosebleed wait for a circumstance, because this a week eats,go. Additional, qualitative content of the protein in ovine egg, fat is higher, and the weight of egg of a sheep is between 80-100 gram, eat much light aggravating load, accordingly control of best edible capacity is in 200 grams less than, do not exceed 2 sheep egg at most namely. ?

Can ovine reins female eat

Can. Ovine reins can fill kidney, a lot of people feel ovine reins has a man to be able to eat only probably, the female is actually OK also of edible. This does not divide a men and women. And, the woman also needs filling kidney. Be heated up at kidney empty aptly and the female edible with poor sexual desire. The man arrived after certain age need filling kidney, but a lot of friends do not know, actually, the female also needs filling kidney. And, female filling kidney is very important. Friend of a lot of females does not know he needs filling kidney, because oneself do not realize the gain of female filling kidney,basically be. Nevertheless, eat appropriately some OK, eat not for a long time with excessive. One day eats, lie between 9 days to eat. Filling kidney is excessive bad also, shed nosebleed easily, all over fervent, suffer from excessive internal heat. Especially youth, do not need too filled. Fill in disorder not only do not have advantage to health, cause harm possibly still to the body. Besides, the heavy metal that contains in pluck may be compared much, eat much not quite good. ?

It how ovine reins takes the effect is good how ovine reins takes the effect

Ovine reins also calls a sheep kidney, the gender is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, enter kidney classics, have the essence of filling kidney, beneficial, effect that helps this world, the result that wants ovine reins is good, can match ovine reins a few have effect of filling kidney Zhuang Yang likewise feed material to perhaps feed capable person together stew perhaps stews congee, if sheep of teasel root, the bark of eucommia, excessive leaveses of pulse plants, Ba Ji day, saline cistanche, dodder, sanded Yuan Zi, walnutmeat, Chinese cynomorium, medlar is waited a moment. ?

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