Does the elephant unplugs the mussel is seafood or river delicacy elephant unplug the mussel is hair content

The elephant unplugs the mussel is a kind when belong to seafood, and still be a kind of very expensive seafood, because it is mouthfeel or nutrient value without giving thought to,be very pretty good, and the elephant unplugs of the mussel have a way very diversiform also, look together.

The elephant unplugs the mussel is seafood

or river delicacy

The elephant unplugs the mussel is seafood, it is a kind of very rare seafood. The elephant unplugs the mussel gives birth to existence United States and Canadian the Arctic Ocean originally coastal, it is the food that puts in Hai Zhongsheng, it is seafood naturally. Be in at the beginning when, local does not eat an elephant to unplug mussel, and after Asian immigrant arrives over there, begin edible elephant to unplug mussel, the elephant unplugs the mussel becomes a when everybody will often eat advanced seafood.

Does the elephant unplug the mussel is hair content


Be like,major sea product is hair content, fish, shrimp, crab kind, this kind of itself contains constituent amine, and constituent amine can make blood-vessel connects body of serous and dilate of the heighten that appear a gender, capillary, hyperaemia, oozy, oedema, gland to secrete hyperfunction and acidity of be addicted to leucocyte heighten, brought about airframe allergy to react thereby, namely allergic reaction, cause skin disease, if appear erythema, papula, blister, calorific wait.

The elephant unplugs the practice of the daily life of a family of the mussel

1. chooses a fresh and hale elephant to unplug mussel, heat one boiler boiled water, after waiting for boiling, unplug the elephant the mussel is put in boil 15 seconds, fish out will be put into cold water to cool immediately, open clam shell to take out mussel flesh next, rainbow canal and the Laopi that go up by the side of skirt tear down come, what mussel flesh opens to take out a clam later is splanchnic, incision is cleared the black material inside, mix mussel flesh clean finally splanchnic cut chip to reserve. Take half mussel case again at the same time abluent reserve.

2. unplugs the elephant mussel piece put dish useful cooking wine bloats 30 minutes, mussel of cooking wine general goes after bloating piece drop doing reserves.

3. conflagration heats up boiler to burn oil, 5 into oil lukewarm turn small hot sweet ginger, garlic, very light blue, rejoin XO sauce fries a fragrance, turn next unplug into the elephant below conflagration mussel piece break up quickly with lantern any of several hot spice plants fry, join at the same time unripe smoke, candy, salt flavors, light green is added to break up slightly again after frying a minute fry can give boiler, tie-in elephant unplugs clam shell is placed dish on desk.

The elephant unplugs how the mussel is saved

The elephant unplugs the mussel can survive from boiled water a certain number of days. From the ivory mussel with seafood redemptive and new market, can place in freezer change in conservatory. For instance the SamSung of market sale tastes freezer of type much door, its essence accuses to last mode, unplug for the elephant this plants the mussel technically curiosa stores design, 0.5 degrees can control temperature in ± inside fluctuant, ensure feed capable person most this fresh really mouthfeel.

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