Jerk suits to eat how many jerk to save a method

Jerk is a kind of very delicious small snacks, it is having very high nutrition value, nevertheless usually, do not suggest many edible jerk, excessive edible is met instead harmful, so how much does jerk eat appropriate?

Jerk suits how to much eat

Jerk cannot eat too much, probably 50 grams left and right sides is OK, and a worship can have 1 arrive 2 times, the time that does not take is too much, can be opposite otherwise healthy cause an effect.

Jerk saves a method

There won't be additive inside the jerk that he makes, allow easy metamorphism so, save too long time without method commonly, a lot of people are very pained, it do not know how to save ability is better to do not know how to save ability, everybody is about to notice jerk cannot be refrigerated, should put in Gan Shuang's cool and refreshing place, if be put inside freezer, degenerative rate will be rapidder, and also can affect mouthfeel, so oneself make jerk, one-time do not do too much, should eat as soon as possible, eat what do not drop to be put in dry and ventilated place.

Also can save jerk airing later, can save longer time so, north is drier, if be saved well, two months left and right sides is possible, if south puts a paper bag inside, save inside polybag open airing, should OK save a month, everybody is in save jerk process inside, if discovered degenerative condition should desertion in time, do not eat again.

How does jerk choose

1, observation colour and lustre

When jerk is choosing, need to observe its colour and lustre, give jerk through observing colour and lustre can discern high grade, normally good jerk colour and lustre is ruddier, and more natural, if discover its colour and lustre is a little nigrescent dark perhaps red perhaps appeared again the circumstance that glossy sparkles so flesh of this bull kept for covering does you was to add a lot of additive likely, do not suggest to buy, so we want the careful colour and lustre that observes jerk when the choose and buy.

2, sample taste

Through sampling the taste of jerk, also be to be able to discern whether a jerk is high grade, one can be taken to be tasted when buying jerk, feel mouthfeel how? Authentic jerk flavour is more distinctive, have very much chew interest, the flesh is tightened exceedingly character, bright scent is very. If the flavour of jerk, chew interest without what, sensory flesh is qualitative very poor, so resemble the character like flesh of this bull kept for covering won't very good.

Take jerk note

Body digestive ability is weaker and the child with smaller age, age compares old old person to cannot eat jerk, have nephritic disease, hepatic disease, the patient that contracts sexual disease also is inedible, the quantity of heat that contains inside jerk is very high, if eat too much easy accumulation is adipose, so each days do not take more than 50 grams.

The amino acid that certain amount contains inside jerk and mineral, have the nutrient element that place of a few OK and compensatory bodies needs appropriately, but the person that wants to reduce weight had better not eat, af

ter all the quantity of heat inside it is very high, after eating, may let more adipose quantity of heat pile up inside the body, show without what method makes the effect that reduce weight faster, must notice correct food chooses so.

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