Lactation can take coke chicken wing can pregnant woman of coke chicken wing eat

The smell with acerbity sweet acid of coke chicken wing lets a lot of people cannot help doing sth, its smell is very nice, and the way is very simple also, so, can coke chicken wing take in the female of lactation and pregnancy?

Can lactation take coke chicken wing

Lactation can take coke chicken wing.

Coke chicken wing basically is raw material with gallinaceous wing and coke, rich nutrient value is contained in gallinaceous wing, can Wen Zhongyi gas, filling essence adds pith, strong small of the back be good at stomach, the to lactation treasure Mom body that feed has certain profit. Accordingly, lactation treasure Mom is OK of wing of chicken of right amount coke taking a place.

Can pregnant woman of coke chicken wing eat

OK and right amount eat a bit.

Pregnant woman is unfavorable and alone the beverage that drinks this kind to contain coffeine, and in pregnancy mom be to cannot drink carbonic acid beverage, because the volume containing sugar inside is high, to pregnant mom or darling is bad. But coke chicken wing, coke just serves as flavor, weight is not great, pregnant mom can be at ease edible.

The practice of coke chicken wing

Advocate makings: Gallinaceous wing 10, coke 300ml

Complementary makings: Jiang Yi is small, salt 5ml of 3 grams, soy, anise 2

Practice measure:

1, preparation feeds capable person.

2, put gallinaceous wing Shui Zhongchao fish out reserves.

3, in boiler put little oil less, in putting gallinaceous wing bowl next, small fire simmer in water comes the surface is golden.

4, in putting Jiang Pian, anise into boiler, stir-fry before stewing fries a fragrance. Pour coke into boiler next, increase season of a few soy, salt again, small fire turns to stew 15 minutes after big baked wheaten cake leaves.

5, turn conflagration receives juice. When receiving juice, want to use scoop ceaselessly to flip through, till gallinaceous wing surface is wrapped,go up caramel color, there is bright oil in boiler oozy can.

6, install dish on desk can.

The nutrient value of coke chicken wing

1, contain a lot ofadipose, maintain body to protect splanchnic; to offer; of indispensible fatty acid to promote vitamins of these fat dissolve sex blandly absorb; to increase full abdomen to feel.

2, contain a lot ofcopper, copper is the micronutrient with human body indispensable health, to blood, central nervous and immune system, the splanchnic development such as hair, skin and skeletal organization and brain and liver, heart and function have main effect.

3, contain a lot ofprotein, have mai

ntain potassium natrium to balance; to eliminate oedema. Enhance immune power. Move low blood pressure, amortize anaemia, be helpful for growing development.

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