Plantain can treat prostatitis plantain treats prostatitis how long to get effective

Plantain belongs to the plant that contains sex of certain Chinese traditional medicine to pledge, it already can bubble water is drunk, can fry again eat, be a kind very all-purpose feed capable person, so, does plantain treat action to prostatitis?

Can plantain treat prostatitis

Can assist cure.

Prostatitis is grown man subject disease of a kind of urology, clinical expression drops for perineal ministry bilge aching, urethral mouth often has prostate fluid to spill over, and plantain sex is cold, put in classics of liver, kidney, lung, small intestine 's charge, detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, diuresis is connected drench, a variety of effect such as curb bacterium diminish inflammation, can reduce prostatitis patient urethral and glowing reach aching feeling, alleviate of the body unwell, have auxiliary therapy effect to prostatitis.

Plantain treats prostatitis how long to get effective

The cure of prostatitis is the process of a long-term, slow cure, and break out very easily repeatedly, treat this disease through taking plantain water, cure hard quite, need patient needs to take 3 months left and right sides at least, take plantain water for a long time, just see curative effect.

The effect of plantain and action

1, diuresis

Solid test and verify is solid, plantain can make the uric fluid grow in quantity of hare of a dog, home and human body, having the effect that adds acid of urea, make water and sodium chloride eduction.

2, curb bacterium

The experiment proves, the water infusion of plantain is coccus, homocentric to golden yellow grape s

lave of shape of bacterium of tinea of Bao of gemmule of shape of bacterium of sexual wool tinea, abb, star blocks bacterium to wait microbial the inhibition that all has different rate.

3, interest is joint

Appear when human body when synovitis disease, before use car child can make connective tissue proliferous. And the car before child inside the knee joint antrum that experiment of animal of decoct agent infuse tastes a hare, can let flabby articulatory bursa restore original tensity.

4, make expectoration easy makes the same score asthma

Before the car child the glucoside before medium car has excitement to secrete nerval action, can close to air inlet duct and bronchus are secreted mucously, control breathing center, achieve smooth asthma, town to cough, make expectoration easy (outside after giving drug, increasing except respiratory tract exudate, saliva is secreted and can not appear grow in quantity) action.

Plantain how make tea

Raw material: Plantain, rock candy, red jujube, medlar.


1, plantain abluent, add conflagration of half boiler water to boil;

2, after water is boiling, join rock candy and red jujube;

3, turn next small fire continues to boil 20 minutes;

4, medlar is joined after 20 minutes, add boils 10 minutes of;

5, close fire to give boiler finally can.

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