Pregnant woman of ester jellied bean curd can eat inside inside what person cannot eat ester jellied bean curd

Well-known, jellied bean curd is one kind very nourishing food, it can complement to human body composition of a lot of nutrition, so the female is pregnant level, can you also pass eat inside will ester jellied bean curd complement nutrition?

Can pregnant woman of ester jellied bean curd eat inside

OK and right amount edible.

During accurate mom is pregnant, be to be able to be at ease use inside ester jellied bean curd, it can help mom compensatory calcium pledges and promote the absorption with qualitative calcium. But the accurate mother that has anaemia of the sex that be short of iron does not have more. The bosom eats jellied bean curd to wait for nutrient element besides OK and compensatory protein during pregnant, still can help promote digest, stomachic etc. The nutrient value of bean curd is extremely high, the most commendable is human body to bean curd medium protein digests absorption probability to be able to be amounted to 92% to 95% , accordingly, edible jellied bean curd need not worry about indigestion, it is good benefiting food to pregnant mom.

What person cannot eat ester jellied bean curd inside

1, every usually stomach is cold, after food unwell or make frowsty, queasy person diet.

2, suffer from chronic enteritis, easy diarrhoea, abdominal distension, nocturnal frequent micturition is much, discharge of seminal emission dream person avoid is used.

3, constitution of deficiency of vital energy, constitution of deficiency of yang, constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability is unfavorable edible.

4, patient of anaemia of the old person, sex that be short of iron should

be fed less especially, a-certificate eats more.

Ester jellied bean curd cannot be mixed inside what eats together

1, bamboo shoot

These two kinds of vegetable take apart is very good to our body, but eat what can bring about stone to form together, cause needless disease to the body, damage our health.

2, balsam pear

Eat the body that meets us to cause certain disease together, it is very bad to our body.

3, agaric dish

The nutrition that these two kinds of dishes have pair of our bodies apart can have very good complement, but both eat what can create nutrient material to destroy together, make the nutrition that the body cannot complement to need, a kind of loss is for the body to us.

4, spinach

These two kinds of food take the calcic matter with the body certain loss that meets us together, make our body does not assimilate enough calcic substance, it is very bad to our body.

Ester jellied bean curd saves a method inside

If the jellied bean curd that buys does not plan edible is over, not the partial outfit of edible is good save in the safe that is put in freezer. But unfavorable save time too long, most two days.

The taste that just bought with respect to be not a patch on through mouthfeel of saved jellied bean curd is good, the edge of jellied bean curd had the sense with good hair, and jellied bean curd has contractive feeling. Flavour also is inferior to foregoing fresh, can have a few sick at heart or a few acerbity flavour. The jellied bean curd of memory does soup to have taste the meeting is better.

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