Samp of samp quantity of heat reduces weight can eat

Samp suits personage reducing weight to eat very, the quantity of heat inside samp is extremely low, reduce weight to having for the people of demand, actually can now and then will replace staple food with samp, the quantity of heat that unship samp came along belo


Samp quantity of heat

The quantity of heat that the samp place of 100 grams contains is 38 kilocalorie about, this hot value of a quantity occupied an adult one day only total caloric 1% . General the samp that the bowl of moderate of a size can install 300 grams to control probably, so the quantity of heat that it contains is 115 kilocalorie.

Samp reduces weight can eat

Can eat.

A lot of a lot people like to taste congee come as staple food edible. Samp these year because its nutrition value is high, got gradually of people love. So whether does the crowd that reduce weight suit to drink samp? We look together. Crude fibre is contained inside samp, still contain mineral and vitamin, so we drink the word of samp, won't bring about our get fat, classics tipple samp still can rise to help us prevent constipation, prevent the action such as arteriosclerosis, suit edible of personage reducing weight quite so.

Why can samp reduce weight

1, many crude fibre and magnesium are contained in corn, can promote the peristalsis of gastric bowel, quicken the eduction of the trash inside body, of stimulative airframe waste material eliminate, if use corn to boil congee, original congee has the effect with clear aperient bowel, eat samp to the effect that reduce weight be to have very great help.

2, a kind when corn is coarse food grain, it follows sweet potato congener, full abdomen feels very strong, and low adipose, the nurture that place of a few bodies can complement to need again in the meantime is qualitative, if samp of edible of at noon period of time, effect reducing weight is much better, such more be helpful for digesting, inside body adipose can get burning, the schoolgirl that loves the United States need not worry can cause fat.

3, E of rich calcium, phosphor, Selenium and lecithin, vitamin is contained to wait in samp, the time that starch keeps in the stomach longer and corn contains many vitamin E, it is OK still to ate hairdressing, corn is hairdressing is mixed food reducing weight is optimal spouse, all have the effect that reduces serum cholesterol, won't add fertilizer not only, have the effect that reduce weight instead.

The practice of samp

1 corn face 100 grams, soya bean pink 15 grams

water boil, join ready jade area area and soya bean white, boil make congee, tepid when edible.

2 corn flour, milk, egg, white sugar, honey

Take corn flour mix of right amount milk becomes 60 grams interfuse mushy, enter the oedema that boils then, complementary with agitate. Use slow fire to boil 5 minutes or so next, drench the egg of break up in congee, it is likewise at the same time agitate lean to one side, wait ripe later can involve fire. The white sugar that puts touch when congee is tepid namely finally or honey, OK edible.

3 sweet corn two, rice 100 grams, polished glutinous rice 30 grams.

Pare corn into first, put into mixer to have mix next, water is beautiful with doing not have corn bead, into mushy later in pouring boiler, add times more than corn paste water then, enter rice. After small fire boils half hour again stew can eat 40 minutes.

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