Strange inferior how much does seed eat everyday appropriate strange inferior when does seed eat everyday best

Strange inferior seed is to be on the net very a kind of food of fire, it is having a lot of distinct effect, first-rate to the body, but although surprise inferior seed profit is quite much, we also cannot excessive edible, will look below strange inferior how much does seed eat everyday appropriate.

Strange inferior how much does seed eat everyday appropriate

Suggest normal adult is strange commonly inferior daily intake is in seed 30g less than, strange inferior the edible of seed is unfavorable and overmuch, had better be the body case according to oneself will judge intake.

If function of intestines and stomach is bad person, suggest daily intake is controlled in 10-15g, and do not want every day edible, according to the acceptance of oneself intestines and stomach degree is adjusted. If compare fat crowd, the adipose content of itself is higher, and strange inferior the quantity of heat of seed also is very tall, edible is opposite easily too much get fat, suggest daily edible 10g is controlled so can. So the proposal decides according to oneself circumstance edible is measured, but do not recommend edible to measure more than.

Strange inferior when does seed eat everyday best

Surprise actually inferior when seed eats is possible, do not have strict regulation, but general proposal is in the morning when eat best.

Because be in in the morning when, the digestion of human body is best, also be the most comprehensive to alimental is absorbed, and strange inferior seed is to compare hard digestive food, the protein content that contains among them at the same time is more, need time will digest absorb, the meeting is so more appropriate in the morning.

Strange inferior of seed have a way

1. the first time edible suggests but rich try raw ingredient, what make an appointment with two big spoon 30 grams is strange inferior in the water that seed adds 300cc, quiet place can present jelly 5 minutes to pledge, after agitate can edible, although do not have flavour, nevertheless humorous has those who chew interest, also have full abdomen feeling very much.

2. is added in salad, oatmeal or it is to actor or actress be the most convenient in case and the method that can add nutrient to absorb.

If 3. does not want to use too whitening is added stiff or Gou Qian, strange inferior seed dispute often is replaced well, can surprise those who count spoon inferior seed is joined in be about to draw the soup juice that owe or material, quiet place can achieve Gou Qian's result 10 minutes.

4. is strange inferior seed flummery, this has a way is in the center most by praise highly, also be the healthy ice of disappear heat tastes summer.

Strange inferior seed nutrition composition

: of 1. prandial fiber?  of  of Na Pancheng the Song Dynasty of relative standard of Zhang of joyous  of Huang Ezheng H of ⒉ of Liao of  of  of

the Song Dynasty of Pan Cheng of orangutan of personal  of settleclear Lang of the allow that join ferminum coughs hurry RA illuminate 8  of Sha of ginseng of  of the Lu that throw flatter Ba bars  ┮ blocks?USDA) , of every 100g strange inferior the prandial thread that there is 34g in seed, the Li Mai that often speaks highly of than us (7%) of prandial fiber content, oaten (prandial fiber 5% the left and right sides) wait for cereal prandial fiber content is gotten high much. With with strange inferior the Hei Zhi hemp that seed appearance photograph resembles (photograph of 14%) of prandial fiber content is compared, still a lot of taller.

2. protein: Strange inferior seed protein content is very outstanding also, according to American Ministry of Agriculture (the word of USDA) data, of every 100g strange inferior 16.5g of seed protein content, also compare oaten (protein content 15%) , Li Mai (protein content 14%) " star " cereal is even tall (affirmative nevertheless also concern) with breed. And general commissariat kind of protein content all be worth in 10% the left and right sides, surprise it is thus clear that inferior seed protein content is full of quite really.

3. is mineral: Those who condense often is elite, strange inferior the content of mineral calcic magnesian Potassium of seed is very high, especially calcic content is relatively outstanding. According to the data of USDA, every 100g is strange inferior the calcic content 631mg of seed, the calcic content with white sesame seed is about the same (express according to Chinese food component, the calcic content 620mg/100g of white sesame seed, the calcic content 780mg/100g) of black sesame seed.

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