The elephant unplugs the mussel can be eaten raw does the elephant unplug the mussel has helminth

The elephant unplugs the mussel believes everybody has had heard of, nevertheless should still a lot of people had not eaten, it is OK cut directly piece eat raw, eat raw nevertheless unplug to the elephant the sanitation of the mussel asks very tall, the word of short of condition suggests or do ripe eat safer.

Does the elephant unplug the mussel can be eaten raw

The elephant unplugs the mussel can be eaten raw.

Unripe feed an elephant to unplug when the mussel, do not need scald water, straight splicing becomes chip, dip in flavour dish edible. But those who require an attention is: Unripe feed an elephant to unplug the mussel had better choose free from contamination to be resembled marinely greatly unplug mussel. Its flavour dish can use dish of flavour of type of Chinese style, Western-style, day. Additional, the elephant unplugs the mussel is splanchnic cannot edible, because the elephant unplugs the mussel is splanchnic contain blush toxin, the likelihood causes bromatoxism.

Does the elephant unplug the mussel has helminth

Have helminth.

The elephant unplugs the mussel is boiled not ripe contain a bacterium, the elephant unplugs the bacteria in the mussel basically is vibrio of deputy hemolysis sex etc, hear resistance is stronger, ability of 80 ℃ above is exterminated. Besides the bacterium that brings in water, the bacteria that helminth egg and treatment still may exist to bring in seafood is polluted with virus. Generally speaking, 4-5 is boiled in boiling water minute just calculate thoroughly antiseptic.

The elephant unplugs how the mussel is eaten raw

1, before the body that become thorn, we should prepare ice cube above all, ice cube a little many somes. Need next medical alcohol and a sharp knife and chopping block.

2, it is good that the elephant that buys seafood market buys seafood market unplugs be machined at the beginning of the mussel. Will right amount medical alcohol is on chopping block, ignite with lighter, conveniently burns even the knife together. The purpose is disinfection, after all what we do is to eat dish raw, must notice food is wholesome. Igneous put out a fire, blow chopping block a little with the knife, clean clean with clear water next.

3, abluent elephant will been machined to unplug the mussel is put on chopping block first, unplug down the elephant with the knife mussel rear unplugs the elephant the mussel body of the mussel is gashed, the attention does not delimit, make cylindroid mussel body is shown open account, want liken to unplug the mussel body of the mussel submits planar form that is to say.

4, if open if there still are a few fine sands inside mussel body, reoccupy water is cleaned, put in reserve aside. Right now, the dish that unplugs outfit elephant the mussel pricks a body gets ready, can feed material to decorate dish of border with a few adornment, for instance Xian Chen piece, next we need ice to break.

5, the ice cube that break into pieces direct shop is in dish in, the shop becomes a slope model, prepare a few ice to break again next in putting a big bowl.

6, below be about to begin to prick a body, unplug the elephant the mussel places chopping block to go up, we want to begin from small place of mussel body piece. With inclined knife, piece it is good to jump over Bao Yue, can use " solo flight piece " also can use " Shuang Fei piece " . Piece below one can be placed in ice directly dish in, during can will piece the mussel that come down piece in putting glacial bowl, had better adding juice of bit of Meng of He Ning of high-grade Shaoxing wine to break with ice catch, such elephants unplug the mussel is met more fragile tender, at the same time also can the little fishy smell that purify mussel flesh takes slightly.

7, mussel body is ordinal piece good hind, piece when the rear of the mussel, the meeting after you can discover th

e knife falls has with piece the different feeling when mussel body, hum, yes, the flesh of mussel end pledges fiber wants a few thicker, so, this place wants piece slightly a bit thicker, and Bao congee is used below the circumstance of fleshy a gang of this place with, did not eat raw, but not be meeting place the flesh of this place cannot be eaten raw.

8, the elephant unplugs the mussel is all piece hind and place dish after ending, you can feel a kind of extraordinary success feels, especially bright mussel flesh shop is on glacial face, it is really too bright. What does that still wait for? Open gather.

9, right, did not forget the mustard that use blueness is hot with Japan soy of 10 thousand words or unripe transfer to be breathed out with little material.

Eat an elephant to unplug the mussel has what profit

1, dispel fat step-down

To 3 fast crowds, dispute often suits edible elephant to unplug mussel, because the elephant unplugs the mussel can make blood pressure is controlled more easily, make capillary dilate, hematic viscosity is reduced, small loop is improved. Can bate and protection are hemal, have the effect of fat of the blood in lowering human body and cholesterol.

2, hairdressing is raised colour

The elephant unplugs mussel, belong to low quantity of heat, low adipose food, embedded and many high grade protein, other nutriment, edible can preserve the nutrient element that requires inside the body, it is modern woman hairdressing is raised colour optimal food.

3, protection is hepatic

The elephant unplugs acid of rich not saturated fatty acid, bezoar is contained in the mussel, in can reducing blood effectively adipose, be helpful for liver rejuvenesce, can protect liver effectively, rise to excrete a function hepaticly, reduce hepatic incidence of a disease.

4, precaution is anaemic

The elephant unplugs the iron element with embedded and rich mussel, and iron element is the element of a kind of nutrition with our essential body, like rich iron is contained to be mixed character in unplugging the blood of the mussel closes vitamin B12, this nutrition element is digested very easily to absorb by human body. Often edible, can complement iron cent, precaution is anaemic, can regard anaemic auxiliary cure as food.

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