Why Gui Yu is more expensive than weever the note of steamed Gui Yu

Gui Yu is more delicious fish, the practice of this fish has a lot of kinds, every kinds are more delicious, so why Gui Yu is more expensive than weever, what is the note of steamed

Gui Yu, will look.

Why is Gui Yu more expensive than weever?

Because Gui Yu is the fish of carnivorous sex, constant with other fish or shrimp kind to feed, breed cost taller, wait for a reason plus bait makings fish and oneself disease, the output that brings about Gui Yu is less, and Pi Hou flesh of Gui Yu is close, there is thorn in cruelly oppress, easy digest, very delicious. So in the market, mandarin fish fish is a bit more expensive than the common fish such as weever, silver carp, carp usually, if encounter particularly cheap situation, must differentiate what whether be a holiday carefully.

The note of steamed Gui Yu

1, the water that appears when evaporate fish is met very raw meat or fish, must fall. ?

2, do not need to put salt, as long as oil of Chi of use evaporate fish is enough, its salty degree of enough is contented, do not need to increase any flavoring. ?

3, when eating, can dip in according to individual taste Chi is oily.

How is steamed Gui Yu done delicious

Feed capable person: Gui Yu 1, oil of Chi of fish of unripe pink, ginger, shallot, evaporate, edible oil is right amount. ?

Practice measure: ?

1, weight is in the 79 fresh live fish that control to a jin, inside and outside is cleaned after ending, wipe piscine surface a bit with kitchen paper towel, wipe the surface in the fish with unripe pink, knife of two sides reoccupy delimits on inclined mouth, convenient tasty. ?

2, ginger section, shallot is cut off, equably code is put in piscine upper part and lower part. ?

3, put evaporate case or a pot for steaming food, conflagration evaporate 15 minutes, the attention is from on consideration begins after steam, if the fish is smaller (little at 79) time can decrease to 10 to 12 minutes. ?

4, the fish with good evaporate is taken out, dish inside the water that can have a lot of, must pour water, again ginger takes out dish of green inside not to want entirely. ?

5, will fresh shallot is mincing, scatter in piscine surface, enter oil of evaporate fish Chi, dosage but some more largish, yu Jian shallow dip is in soy. ?

6, boiler burns oil to fume, will hot oil is irrigated directly go up in piscine body.

What person does not suit to eat Gui Yu

1, the cold wet person that fill, haemoptysis, asthmatic patient is unfavorable inside body edible laurel fish. ?

2, kidney function is not complete person unfavorable feed Gui Yu more. ?

3, gouty patient is unfavorable eat Gui Yu.

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