Why is there a hole among asparagus lettuce is there a hole to be able to eat among asparagus lettuce

Asparagus lettuce is very common dish, a lot of people like to eat asparagus lettuce, the practice of asparagus lettuce has a lot of kinds, why is there a hole among asparagus lettuce so, is there a hole to be able to eat among asparagus lettuce, look together below.

Why is there a hole among asparagus lettuce?

Among asparagus lettuce empty have a lot of kinds of reasons, because external environment is caused,be commonly, it is a kind of very natural phenomenon, if general asparagus lettuce appears the word of hollow reason is the problem because of the environment, because the environment if too cross what dull sentence causes asparagus lettuce to grow the environment is caused asparagus lettuce to appear by the influence hollow circumstance, the edible of asparagus lettuce hour of this moment, the mouthfeel that is edible only is poorer, but what can cause to human body adverse effect. ?

Is there a hole to be able to eat among asparagus lettuce

Can eat. Among asparagus lettuce empty won't make its nutrient price gets commonly too big impact, it is mouthfeel can be differred a little only some, but OK still of edible, won't cause harm to human body. What if be to collect,receive time to be caused too late is hollow, the flesh of asparagus lettuce can be compared character old, suggest to be not eaten raw, fry ripe or it is better that the move that stew eats.


Can asparagus lettuce put freezer to save


Asparagus lettuce can be put in freezer. If be the asparagus lettuce need that did not husk,drop the leaf clutch of asparagus lettuce head departure to save first, do not put freezer to also can store two days or so so, if be the asparagus lettuce that has husked needs to use,last film perhaps lasts bag seal up for keeping to be put again, appear easily otherwise the circumstance with erubescent oxidation, if asparagus lettuce is whole from in outside arriving erubescent, may be not fresh, in that way asparagus lettuce needs to desertion. ?

Asparagus lettuce puts freezer to be able to be saved how long

Freezer lasts room deposit vegetable, it is to be able to deposit 7 days of time commonly. But if do not have,need via what clean, if had rinsed, can deposit 3-5 day time only. Because water portion spends much meeting,quicken vegetable decay.

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