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Allen Iverson may be the 76ers star best known for his aversion to practice, but he apparently wasn't the only one. 

Former 76er Charles Barkley's practice routine included eating as much as it did working on his skills, at least according to former Philadelphia teammate Jayson Williams. 

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"My second day of practice we’re out there running up and down. Charles Barkley comes in about five minutes late. He comes in and he has a big McDonald’s bag. And he goes and he sits down on the bike," Williams told Vice. "And like a chemist. You know, a guy over there cutting up lines or something. You know?

"He’s just making — he’s got his back toward us and he’s doing stuff — I’m like, ‘What the hell is he doing?’ So, he takes the eggs, and he takes the pancakes, the sausage, maple syrup and butter, puts it all in one, wraps it up with the pancake and gets some extra syrup."

Not only did Barkley eat the pancakes while his teammates worked out, Williams said, he also berated them while they practiced. 

"And I’m going, ‘Wow, (you're) going to eat that then and come run with us?’ Hell no," Williams said. "He’s going to eat that while he’s on the stationary bike. Peddling one mile an hour going … ‘Run the floor!' … ‘That’s why we ain’t never going to win the game!’ And pancake is spitting out (of) his mouth.”

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Imagine if that had been caught on tape like Iverson's infamous "practice" rant. 

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