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Dwyane Wade was forced from the Bulls' game Wednesday because of a migraine that affected his vision.

The All-Star guard left in the fourth quarter of an eventual 101-99 victory over the Nets, the second time in less than a week that he's been affected by a migraine.

"I had a headache before the game," Wade told reporters afterward. "I took a fall in the second half. I didn't hit my head, but I guess the way my body jerked and reacted, it kind of triggered my headache back. I lost a little vision in [my] eye. So I came out on the court, couldn't see the rim. My wife was talking, I couldn't see her. So I decided to come out and come in the back and put ice on my neck and take some medicine, get my neck massaged because it's muscular when it happens like that."

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Wade, who scored 16 points in 23 minutes before exiting, missed last Friday morning's shootaround because of a migraine but was able to play against the Hornets that night.

Though each individual's migraines are unique, and each migraine for that individual can be different, many often share some characteristics: vision disturbances, sensitivity to light and noise, throbbing or pulsing pain, nausea and, afterward, weakness, dizziness and/or change in mood.

"There's different levels of migraines," Wade said Wednesday night. "I'm not out of the clear, so tonight could be a tough night for me. Hopefully it's not, but it's different levels. I could explain it all day, but just know it's not a good thing. It affects more than just your head. It affects your body, it affects your energy, it affects your eyes. It affects your attitude, of course. So there's a lot of different levels of migraines. It's unfortunate."

Wade did say there might've been a chance he could've re-entered the game if Jimmy B

utler hadn't knocked a buzzer-beating winning shot: "My eyes did start feeling a little better. I can see you right now, so I'm OK, but I'm not totally out of it. I can still feel a little bit in there. But you never know. We didn't have to get to that point because No. 21 [Butler] bailed us out."

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