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Stephen Curry’s jumper is out of this world. The Average Joe will never understand what it's like to feel a basketball roll off his fingers from 35 feet away, knowing it’s going through the net. However, we all know what it feels like to budget a round-trip Uber ride for a night out.

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Curry revealed Wednesday he uses the on-demand transportation app to get around the Bay Area of San Francisco. In this day and age of NBA superstars rolling around in high-end foreign sports cars and luxury SUVs, it seems odd to picture the league MVP waiting at the end of his driveway to hop into a 2010 Nissan Altima with a stranger to get to practice.

So now that we know Curry uses Uber like the rest of us, let’s take a stab at his how much it costs him to ride around town — because when you’re a sports and media darling like Curry, everyone knows where you live.

The sharpshooter bought a new house last November in Walnut Creek, Calif., for a cool $3.2 million and recently listed his old pad in Orinida, Calif., for $3.9 million. 

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So how did his move affect his Uber rides?

As of 8:30 a.m. ET (5:30 a.m. PT), a trip from his old place to Oracle Arena would run $17-23 in an UberX. But let’s be real, with the money Curry is pulling, he isn’t squeezing into the back of a Ford Fiesta. He’s likely riding in an UberSELECT ($55-72) or UberBLACK ($73-96).

With those figures, Curry was likely paying anywhere between $110 and $192 round-trip.

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Now, at his new place, Curry’s Uber bill has risen slightly.

An UberSELECT ride from his Walnut Creek mansion runs between $76-100 one-way and an UberBLACK runs anywhere between $102-135. So on a frugal, traffic-free day, Curry could get to work and back for $152, but if he’s feeling especially luxurious, he could be looking at $270 in Uber charges.

Luckily for Curry and his bank account, NBA players travel a lot during the season and don’t have to worry about personal transportation. But if he had a typical five-da

y work week, he would spend up to $1,350 each week just to get to work and back. And this isn't factoring in fun trips with Ayesha and the kids. 

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So as much as we like to think Curry is just like us because he’s an Uber user, some simple math reminds us he’s still on another level.

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