Lakers' Larry Nance, Jr. scores hilarious own goal vs. Clippers


Larry Nance, Jr. scored on Friday night and perfectly personified the tectonic shift in Los Angeles professional basketball. The Lakers were playing the Clippers. Hilarious misfortune ensued. And the Clippers came out ahead.

Proof that nothing is sacred, even in the City of Angels.

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Nance, bless his heart, was hustling his heart off. A wayward Clippers three clanged off the back rim. The ball went skyward. Parallel to its path, Nance channeled his inner Space-Jam-era Michael Jordan to extend his arm past its physical limits. And he tapped the ball.

Straight in the damn basket.

Straight in the damn basket.

In fairness, the former Wyoming Cowboy has made some strides in forging his journey through the NBA. He has promise. And you may recall that the son of a former slam dunk champion has some stellar dunks of his own. In 19 minutes per game this season, the rookie is shooting .485 from the field, averaging 4.5 points and 3.7 rebounds a game. 

But on Christmas night, Nance gave us all this one last gift. Points that won't count, but a rebound we'll never


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