Hawks' Mike Scott confesses to drug possession in police video


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Hawks forward Mike Scott was charged with felony marijuana possession last month after apparently confessing to the crime on tape.

A video released by TMZ shows Scott stating that the ounce of weed and 10 grams of MDMA (better known as Molly) were his, not his brother's Antonn's.

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"He didn't," Scott said when police asked him if his younger brother was aware that there were drugs in the car. "It was my fault." 

The brothers were stopped on July 30 after Banks County Sheriffs said they clocked the car driving over 98 miles per hour and pursued it for more than two miles. Scott confessed to having the drugs and took responsibility for the incident. But he was hoping to avoid media attention. 

"This won't be put out," he asked the officer interviewing him. "This won't be a public thing?"

The officer told him he didn't plan on putting it out to the media, but also reminded him that it would be pretty hard to keep it a secret. 

"It's public record so somebody could pull it if they want to," the officer told Scott. 

Scott averaged 7.8 points in 16.5 minutes per game for the Hawks last year. 

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