Kevin Love isn't the only shooter who would like to see Russell Westbrook win a Most Valuable Player award. An NBA legend shares that opinion.

In a Q&A with ESPN's Mike Mazzeo, Pacers president and former Celtics star Larry Bird said he hopes the Thunder point guard "wins 10 MVPs in a row" for his fearless nature and competitive drive on the court.

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"Here's a young man that has had serious injuries — bad knee injuries throughout his career -— yet every time he walks on the court, you know you're going to get 100 percent from him," Bird told Mazzeo. "He attacks, he's fearless and he plays the way it should be played, so I'm all for him.

"I hope he wins 10 MVPs in a row. I just love players that compete on a nightly basis and really take the challenge to their opponents."

Bird mentioned that he liked "all" of this season's major candidates in the MVP race — including James Harden, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis — but he made a special mention of Westbrook's current hot streak for the Thunder.

"On any given night, one of them can be special," Bird said. "But like with Russell, he's been special for a month. But he's been special his whole career, too. The MVP, I think, just like the All-Star teams — somebody's going to get left out. I don't follow it that close, but there's so many players you can choose from, and you couldn't go wrong with any of them."

Westbrook is averaging 31.5 points, 11.2 assists and 8.9 rebounds per game this month. He has recorded a league-high nine triple-doubles this season.

Bird, who was

also known for his competitiveness and impressive stat lines in his career, won three straight MVP awards from 1984 to 1986. He averaged 24.6 points, 10 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game in his Hall of Fame career with the Celtics.

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