Chris Paul and Blake Griffin mesh so well people often forget what they were like before they came together. Both can be entertaining individually but together they bring the best out of each other, and that applies to off the court

as well. The two Jordan brand athletes will be starring in a five-minute show during commercial time on Adult Swim called "BGCP3TV in HD" co-created by comedian Neal Brennan.

"There are a lot of funny athletes out there, but it's rare that you see a guy like Blake — I can honestly say he's an actor who just happens to be an amazing basketball player," Brennan said to "But don't sleep on CP, either. Watching him, you see right away that he's got plenty of talent and the situational awareness needed to pull off the jokes."

"On the bus, after practice or getting lunch, it seems like there's always a competition to make each other laugh," Paul said. "It's fun to come out here and give it a shot on our own comedy show."

Despite Griffin's ability to act he says that his role on the show is all him.

"The funny thing is it doesn't really feel like acting," said Griffin. "This is pretty much just us being us, but in some pretty crazy situations that Neal Brennan came up with."

The show premieres October 24 at 12:12 a.m.

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