LeBron James on AT&T Center air conditioning issues: 'They're trying to smoke us out of here'


While it was less dramatic than the stadium-dimming Super Bowl XLVII moment, but the NBA Finals featured an arena-related issue. 

The air conditioning in AT&T Arena did not work as efficiently as expected, causing those in attendance to reach for their fans or sweat it out. Twitter was ablaze with media commentary from media members on the temperature of the arena. It reached up to 89 degrees within the arena, according to ABC. When the arena announced an electrical failure led the air conditioning to go out, fans booed in response.

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Throughout this ordeal, a same assumption to make was that players had to be the most affected in the building, and LeBron James confirmed that. He was mic'd up for the game and ABC rolled audio of him stating it felt, "Like he'd played a whole game already."

James, whose signature moment came when he played through cramps, was sure to stay hydrated and asked out of the game at one point. His best comment came during a timeout when he said, "They're trying to smoke us out of here."

The NBA issues a statement on behalf of the San Antonio Spurs, explaining the air conditioning failure and apologizing: "An electrical failure for the power that runs the AC system

in the AT&T Center has occurred. We are continuing to work on resolving the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience."

James later experienced further effects of the temperature as he appeared to leave the game with cramping issues. He did return after appearing exasperated, but couldn't move after making a drive. 

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