Let's acknowledge, from the jump, that this will never happen.

But for as crazy as Marcin Gortat's idea about NHL-style fighting in the NBA is, we couldn't help but think about who needs to square off and settle a dispute. These are the five fights that would need to immediately happen, if the NBA ever legalized brawls. (Which it won't. But still.)

Russell Westbrook vs. Patrick Beverley

This one has been brewing since Beverley crashed into Westbrook near the scorer's table, setting in motion a series of three knee surgeries for the Thunder's All-Star guard. Tensions boiled over recently, although no punches were thrown. This one might also have the best chance of actually happening, legal or not.

Blake Griffin vs. Zach Randolph

The Clippers and Grizzlies frequently find themselves in tense moments, particularly in the playoffs each of the last two seasons. There are more than a few NBA players probably ready to go after Griffin at this point. (Just search "Blake Griffin fight" and look at all of the people going after him you'll find.) But Randolph and Griffin have been at odds multiple times. Let's just get this over with.

Joakim Noah vs. LeBron James

You could probably slot in any Heat player here. Noah seems to have an equal opportunity level of loathing for Miami, but Noah and James' history extends back to when the Bulls and Cavs would clash in the playoffs, so this one runs particularly deep. An obvious reach advantage for Noah, but the speed from James would be crucial.

Carmelo Anthony vs. Kevin Garnett

Remember when Melo waited by the Celtics team bus for KG? Just in case you forgot ...

Given that the two of them occupy the same airspace in New York/Brooklyn these days, it's a backyard brawl waiting to happen.

March Madness bonus: Gerald Henderson vs. Tyler Hansbrough

Henderson landed a pretty decisive first blow in this fight during the North Carolina vs. Duke days for these two. Since then, Hansbrough has found his way into a few NBA scraps. What fan wouldn't love to see them sett

le this once and for all?

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